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 As of December 2020
Total Clients Served: 109,199
Amount of Loan Disbursed 7.9B
Total Loan Portfolio 152.3M
Total Savings Balance 83.4M
Total Branches 22
Total Employee 150

May 2020

True Service Amidst the Covid Pandemic


In 16th day of March in which the reality of the threat of the global pandemic came crashing down to the country - quarantine has been imposed in order to protect its citizens hoping to prevent widespread of the disease. Flocks of people began coming to stores buying seemingly large quantities of food to prepare for it. Cars and motorcycles lined up in the streets to have their temperature check. Most of the business, KGMI branches & Head office included, citizen homes have closed its doors in support to the government.  The world seems to be in silent stand still.


After more than two months of quarantine, the government began to open its doors to gradually open businesses and let workers feed their families but with a guarantee of its precautionary measures to prevent infection spread. Amongst them is KAZAMA GRAMEEN MICROFINANCE INCORPORATED whom its mission is to serve low income families for a better life. True to its vow, the company began to help its employees first but with caution and in accordance to government precautionary measures which will become what we called “NEW NORMAL”. Branches started to prepare for its fight against COVID in equipped with their desire and longing to serve. Large number of face mask, disinfectants, plastic isolation panels and foot baths where prepared to protect its employees and clients against its common foe.


For them serving is the blood that keeps their bodies in function. In order to let this happen, its management prepared employee schedules, planned measures to ensure employees and clients safety and coordinated with their managers in order to lay down its new normal policies. In the environment where they could not see their opponent, they started to lit a ray of fire of hope to those who need their service. With the trust that GOD who serves as their shield of protection, they continue to serve. It may not have their old normal but it’s a single step to goal of whole heartedly serving those who are reaching their hands in search for helping hands.

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