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 As of December 2020
Total Clients Served: 109,199
Amount of Loan Disbursed 7.9B
Total Loan Portfolio 152.3M
Total Savings Balance 83.4M
Total Branches 22
Total Employee 150

July 15, 2021

Touch of the Hand that saves

In a heart that longs to give back to its community and environment where “Plant trees to save lives” as their never ending chant.

A group of individuals began to move to paved its mission into action. As the 10th anniversary of KGI-MBA Inc. and the 30th Anniversary of KGMI looms, the said institutions started their continued service through which giving back to the environment as their backbone.

The Leading Members of this project Ms. Edna Mediario and Ms. Dignadise Dayao, both KGI-MBA Inc. employees facilitated the project with full of eagerness and happiness assuring of its completion.

With the approval of Honorable Mayor Jonathan F. Khonghun, municipal mayor of Subic, Zambales and in coordination with DENR Municipality of Subic, MDRRMO and Cawag Barangay Officials, the said activity has been immediately approved.

Off we go!

As day of July 15, 2021 shines, the journey to Kurokutok, Cawag, Subic, Zambales has begun. The journey of KGI-MBA and KGMI employees has now been unfold.

Lines of trees on the road and cold fresh air caressing your face will be your guide to your destination.  Upon reaching the destination, the scent of trees and sound of crickets and birds as percussion band serve as our welcome to a truly beautiful paradise of Kurokutok.

Before the activity officially started a bout of greetings and introductions led by Ms. Cristalyn Estel, KGI-MBA Inc. employee, each participant were instructed by CENRO Subic to ensure safety and orderliness of the said project.

And truly how breath taking the place is!

Every steps of the travel to the mountain top is equally exciting and sweat jerking due to its steep slope which hinders you to the ultimate destination.


Now Tree Planting Commence!

Arriving at the site of the tree planting project, 100 seedlings with its specific planting location and the beautiful scenery atop mountain will truly take your breath away. Each Members will plant 2 or more trees as part of the program.

Smiles, thankfulness, fullness began to invade each hearts as each finish their mission.  

The program concluded with a bountiful lunch served and ended with goodbyes full of smiles.

How great it is, to be a part of this “Touch of the Hand that saves!”.

-Lizbeth Rose Agullo-

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