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 As of December 2020
Total Clients Served: 109,199
Amount of Loan Disbursed 7.9B
Total Loan Portfolio 152.3M
Total Savings Balance 83.4M
Total Branches 22
Total Employee 150

September 2020

Insured in warmth with KGMI “YAKAP”

In times where the only constant is change, many seeks shoulder to lean on in these times of need. And most where in search to those who deliver service with a heart even in the smallest group of our society.

Through the desire and mission of KAZAMA GRAMEEN MICROFINANCE INC. to serve and relieve even a little to the distress of the members whose groping in the dark when it comes to health services- KGMI “YAKAP” HMO Loan is introduced.

This aforementioned service is a loan product which will help members to prepare themselves in times where health inconveniences are lingering every moment and could disrupt their everyday living.

This “embrace with care” would be their bridge to this following health services:

PREVENTIVE CARE - A service that defends against health emergencies. A healthcare services that consist of Annual Physical Exam (APE), Counseling, and periodic monitoring of Health Problems.

OUT-PATIENT CARE- A medical care provided on outpatient basis, including medical consultation, EENT Referrals, and diagnostic examinations prescribed by physician.

IN-PATIENT CARE- A medical service the requires admission into hospital, benefits are up to a 50% of the MBL (Maximum Benefit Limit)

EMERGENCY CARE- This includes medical services required for the immediate diagnosis and treatment, benefits are up to a maximum amount of 10,000.00 per incident but not exceed 30,000 per annum (if within affiliated network) Confinement in NON-AFFLIATED NETWORK Reimbursable up to 100% of hospital bills & professional fees based on PhilCare rates, up to Php 15,000 per case/member/year.

DENTAL CARE- The maintenance of healthy teeth, services and benefits includes consultation & oral examinations, annual prophylaxis, extractions, temporary fillings, restorative and prosthodontic treatment planning, Desensitization of hypersensitive teeth, Simple adjustment of dentures, re-cementation of loose crowns, inlays and on lays, temporo-mandibular joint consultation, and gum treatment for cases like inflammation or bleeding.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE CARE- A death benefit of 10,000 for Natural death and 20,000 for Accidental death.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS- Pre-existing illnesses or conditions shall be covered after twelve (12) consecutive months of membership. (excerpt from IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATION: HMO FOR MEMBERS)

In midst of this troubled times KGMI spreads its care to their members whom we consider in our hearts tested partners that have been with us since it’s been in the industry. As a fellow warrior in the pandemic war we crave to be able to spread a little warmth to ease hearts and push its members to continue its journey to new day with full of hope.

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