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 As of December 2020
Total Clients Served: 109,199
Amount of Loan Disbursed 7.9B
Total Loan Portfolio 152.3M
Total Savings Balance 83.4M
Total Branches 22
Total Employee 150

“Pay your Due on Time”

Mrs. Zenaida Gonzales, 46 years old and a resident of Sulipan, Apalit, Pampanga joined KAZAMA Grameen Microfinance Inc. on the year 2010. She started her workshop (talyer) from the P5000.00 loan that she borrowed from KGMI.

It’s not easy for her to start this kind of business, she was new in this field and there are lot of known Talyers on their area so “I must be wise on managing my business”, she said. As usual there are lot of ups and down that she and her husband faced that time and those trials teach them on how to be hardworking and put their faith into God.

As of now she earned as much as P5000.00 per day from her Talyer that make it possible for them to finished their eldest son college education while her youngest child is on its second year in college. Year 2017 when she start a water refilling station that she bought from her sister as her second project that help them to reach their dreams.

Nanay Zenaida is currently in her 24th loan cycle and she had been approved by KGMI to a loan amount of P110,000.00.

“Pay your due on time and put your faith, trust into God” that is the secret of Nanay Zenaida and her family to have a successful life.

“Patience and Discipline”

“For people like us who spend our day selling goods in the market it is very natural to have a big and small sales everyday. It is uncommon if you don’t have any sales at all and if that happen the real problem is on you”, Mr.  Eliseo De Jesus quoted.

We put a lot of hardwork and sacrifice in this kind of business, imagine that we have to be wake in 1:00 AM for preparing our things and we have to be in the market before 3:00 AM. Dried fish, salted eggs and chicharon are some of the goods Tatay Eliseo sells in the market, and lately he also added some vegetables and grocery products on his commodities. He started this project from the first loan that he borrowed from KGMI. Right now he is planning to add another stall in the market from the P70,000.00 capital that he recently borrowed from Grameen.


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