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“Curiosity: Key for a successful Hog Raising”

Mr. Donato Garing a 60 yrs old father from Purok 4 Ibayo, San Isidro, Subic, Zambales, Philippines became a member of KAZAMA Grameen Microfinance Inc. (KGMI) on August 10, 2010. On that moment he decided to start a Hog Raising as his first business project. "I started my business using a P5000.00 capital from KGMI, and bought a piglet for P2200.00. It grows up and started to multiply until the time that I have 6 sow (inahin). After that I bought a boar (bulugan) that became a breeder in some piggery and in a place around my neighborhood that have a sow. At the start I charge P600.00 for the breeding fee, but currently it went up to P1000.00 or sometimes instead of money I received piglet as the payment for the breeding service", according to him. Tatay Donato spend P1000.00 for his livelihood project and for the daily expenses of his household including the gasoline for the motorcycle that he use for his business. “Im earning P30,000.00 every month from my hog rasing business alone” he proudly said.

His second project is selling food for pigs that he gets free from the restaurant and hotels around the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). “Everyday I able to sell 10 (Utility Can) that is 30 to 33 liter each in capacity and monthly I earn up to P19,200.00 from my second project,” he said.

If there is a thing that Tatay Donato wants to add to his livelihood project is to have a bigger piece of land that he is going to use for the expansion of his piggery and to buy another 5 boar. As of now Tatay Donato is on his 17th loan cycle and also have a P32,000 savings in KGMI.

“It was an accident that I became a member of this program, when I heard that there is a group of female borrowing loans from KGMI my curiosity drive me to join. Even though that the members of this group are mostly women, I did not hesitate to join because I really want to start a business of hog raising,” he added.

“KGMI really help me and my family to have a better future, all we need is diligence, patience and strategy to improve the capital they lend me, Thank You KGMI!”

“Ability for securing a brighter future”

Mrs. Marta Barraza 52 years old from Sitio Kinabuksan, Cawag, Subic, Zambales joined KGMI on 2003. She started as an owner of a Sari-Sari Store. “A Rolling Store was my first project from the P2000.00 capital that I borrowed from KGMI. My husband and I find it really hard on running a business that produces around P500.00 to P700.00 income daily, that’s why we also sell vegetables and root crops (cassava) in the market for us to have an additional income. But if there are storm we can’t sell our goods to Subic Market because it is very dangerous to travel the sea in a bad weather. So there were times, my weekly payment on KGMI is insufficient”, she said.

Year 2003 when Nanay Marta got an enough capital to start her second business project. “Im able to start a school canteen here in Kinabuksan, even thou it need a bigger capital to operate I still earned 30 to 40 percent of income everyday”, according to her.

“I bought a 5000 horse power generator for my third business project where as of now 23 families rent it for their electricity and I earned P9750.00 monthly. Because of my generator I was able to buy 2 fishing boat that cost P300,000.00 and P83,000.00 respectively and by next month my husband will start to use it for fishing”, she added.

Currently Nanay Marta is on her 16th loan cycle, a P12,000.00 loan in MPL (Multi Purpose Loan) with a total savings of P39,600.00 in KGMI.

“Realizing our abilities is very important and with the help of KGMI, we are able to secure a brighter future” she qouted.

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